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What do you feed the birds in your garden?

Do you want to feed them?

Are you fed up with carrying bags of heavy seed home with you?


We can supply you in your own home with all your wild bird food needs...

The food comes in a plastic bucket with a lid so no more problems with split bags and nuisance mice and rats. We come and refill your Fat Birds Bird Food tub on demand.

Feeding the birds in your garden with wild bird food can be a critical source of food for birds during the breeding season and the winter months. With the recent changes in climate producing unseasonable weather birds are always under pressure to find food.



What are the best foods?

Different birds eat different foods, which is why putting out a variety of foodstuffs will attract a wider range of species. Typical foods include:

  • Peanuts – good traditional food, best loved by the tit family but also taken by starlings, sparrows and greenfinches
  • Sunflower seeds – especially loved by greenfinches
  • Mealworms/ waxworms – not for the squeamish, live food is increasingly popular, good in the breeding season for robins, wrens, thrushes and many more
  • Nyjer/Niger Seeds – especially loved by goldfinches
  • Fat cake – Tits, Blackcap
  • Table seed (mixed corn/wheat/pinhead oats) – collared dove


5 ways to give your garden wildlife a boost


Why not give your garden birds and other wildlife a little extra pampering as the weather gets colder? Here we offer you our top five spa tweetment tips!

  1. Deep cleanse: scrub bird feeders and tables with hot water. Specially-designed long-handled brushes can get into every nook and cranny of feeders. These are available from RSPB
  2. shops.Spa waters: water is vital for many kinds of wildlife. Birds need it for drinking and keeping their feathers in tip-top condition.
  3. Detox: we can get over a binge or two – but for birds, bad food can be a disaster! Avoid feeding birds uncooked rice, chicken fat or bread, but let them feast on healthy foods such as Fat Birds Bird Food.
  4. Rest and relaxation: birds need to rest and roost in scrub, trees or a bird box. Native plants such as hawthorn, blackthorn or honeysuckle provide them with both cover and food. You can relax too, by not tidying. Allow dead wood to lie and leave spent foliage and seed heads to help insects, amphibians and birds.
  5. Aromatherapy: perfumed blooms attract insects to their nectar-filled flowers. Plants such as lavender, viburnum, hebe and broom are good choices.


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